CFMC03 Aluminum Portable Massage Chair

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CFMC03 Aluminum Portable Massage Chair is same quality & design as Iron mode, but It is amazingly strong for being so light—it weighs in at only 9kgs.

It has a fully adjustable headrest, removable chest rest, removable armrest, and removable seat, so accommodating clients of all sizes is not a problem.

It is equipped with our signature Auto-Lock Leg and Frame System for streamlined folding and opening of the chair in just seconds.

1. Deluxe PU for upholstery.

2. High density foam 5cm.

3. Aluminum frame with powder coating, standard base with light grey.

4. Working weight: 180 kgs.

5. Accessories: no


Open szie: 56x74x(107-112)cm

Folded size:53x23x112cm


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